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Two years ago, the fine artist Maria Seruya began the projet "Velhas Bonitonas" - Painting the Power of Old Ladies,that exhibited for the first time in Museu da Carris (Antiga Carpintaria). But who are they? What do they teach us? Jornal IONLINE went there and found an exhibition without liftings.

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Art & Culture Online Newspaper

Photogallery and guided tour text by Maria Seruya presenting exhibition that took place in Museu da Carris (Antiga Carpintaria), in Lisbon, from 20th May to 5th June of 2018.
The project "Velhas Bonitonas" is a project that dedicates it self to Paint the Power of Old Ladies, to give all women in all ages HOPE in Life and to feel good about themselves.

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Television Portuguese Channel

Você na TV | TVI The Power of Old Ladies in the programme "Você na TV", channel TVI, portuguese reference channel of Television.


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Digital Magazine

Maria Seruya is a fine artist and considers that old age is the best age for women. In the exhibition that took place in Museu da Carris (Antiga Carpintaria) from 20th May to 5th June of 2018 she showed portraits of these imaginary old ladies totally Free of spirit, authentic and Powerful, women who dare to be who they believe with no complexes nor guilts.

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Radio Show

Podcast interview to the Urbanista by Radio expert Paula Cordeiro, to her Radio Show. Urbanista has been following "The Power of Old Ladies Project" since the very beginning and have a lot of interest in the ageing issues.

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Digital Magazine

Interview to the digital magazine of the Cabelos Brancos portuguese Association who fights against Ageism.

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Digital Newspaper

To portray the freedom of spirit and Power of the feminine aging, a fine artist paints Stunning Old ladies (Velhas Bonitonas) with no complexes nor guilt.

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Radio Show

Podcast to the Urbanista Radio Show about the Velhas Bonitonas exhibition that took place in Museu da Carris (Antiga Carpintaria) from 20th May to 5th June of 2018

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Original Documentaries

It is rare to talk about Beauty in Feminine aging. Aging is not easy. It is the time when we are so much what we really are, so secure of what we want and what we don´t want, with a life of stories to tell with wrinkles that tell for us - and how beauty it is, how can we not see it? Maria gives positive energy and celebrates the beauty and power of old ladies with this project about Hope ion Life.

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