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The Power of Old Ladies Concept

Who are these Women, what do they teach us, how do they live?

Velhas Bonitonas (The Power of Old Ladies) is a project devoted to feminine aging, for social activism global impact. Maria Seruya, the creator and Art Entrepreneur, uses Art and lots of other interventions (activist, product creations, educational, social engagement) to empower Women of All Ages in their vision of their aging process.


"THE POWER OF OLD LADIES" COLLECTION are portrait paintings of anonymus and invented women that are aging ,and what they have in common is their freedom of spirit and the way they feel so good about themselves. These images began to be a simple collection of paintings, but with the impact and inspiration they caused on Real Women in society of all ages and all over the world, they have passed to real life with lots of different services, events and products:

Exhibitions, Personalized Paintings, Partnerships with Social Institutions, Partnerships with Brands, Conferences & Talks, Workshops, Personal Development Editions, Brand Products, Merchandising, Art & Design Fairs, Aging Events.


All these Services, Products and Events are most of the time in collaboration with different professionals. 

What interests us more than what these imaginary women did is how they did it.

We don´t tell you their stories, We make you feel their stories. And inspire you to create your own story.

These imaginary and powerful Old Women express lots of values,

only possible because they are gaining them with the passage of time.


Because to be a Woman

we have to create ourselves, to create our values, our character, our wrinkles, 

and with time we can become Women.

“One is not born,

but rather becomes, a Woman”
Simone de Beauvoir

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